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Bullying or Harassment Training, which one should we choose?

Bullying or Harassment Training, which one should we choose?

The above question is something I get asked on a regular basis by new clients and it is always a topical subject as you might imagine.


Well when we say the word “Bullying” it sometimes creates the image of School and the playground and it is always a concern of parents for their children if they are experiencing such incidents.

However within the workplace when it is mentioned it can also be reflected into the workplace with colleagues who have communication problems with each other or issues relating to the internal workings of the organisation, but when it comes to the same issues relating to customers, clients or members of the public it then gets lost in the mist of Health & Safety.

We at Quell always identify the problems in many similar cases and then after discussing the occurrences or issues we are able to show that they are relating more to the subject of workplace violence than bullying.

Once we have highlighted to the person or organisation that “Yes” they may think or indentify it as “Bullying” it is what we class as “Abuse, Threats & Assaults” and therefore training can be put in place to reduce these incidents from increasing and not only protect the organisation, but also help the persons involved to prevent, deter and defuse escalation.

No one can play down the subject of “Bullying in the Workplace” however if we identify the root cause of the issues and then act upon them, the overall result helps everyone work in a safer environment.

Bullying or Harassment Training is a question that we will continue to receive and also a question we are happy to answer, but remember it is a sensitive subject and should not be a subject that is overlooked.

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