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Dealing with Aggression Training

Dealing with Aggression Training

Nobody likes to openly admit that they are faced with aggression or that they are unable to cope with incidents, or need to consider dealing with aggression training, but some members of staff have become a little distracted from the fact that sometimes they can be in a situation where their personal safety can be at risk.

I was speaking to an attendee on a course lately and their comments at first did make me think ‘are they aware of what they were saying in relation to their personal safety’? This attendee commented to me that they were highly educated and that in all the years that they had worked in this industry they had never come across a situation that they couldn’t cope with!

Initially my comment was that we are to look at the “what if” and not the past, and after a short while he did lean more towards the fact that he thought his education was his protective bubble that deflected aggressive action, but to be very frank I can assure you that I bet even the greatest scientist and education theorist of the world have all been faced with the risk of a ‘smack in the face’, however he was given his time to speak and voice his opinion.

Dealing with Aggression Training is not designed to teach anyone how to change their lives it is a skill that when a certain risk has been identified then a solution can be provided by the use of effective training skills.

It does concern me that sometimes an individual’s attitude can be in the way of the training required, but every now and then we come up against a person who has pre-judged the training before it starts.  However on many occasions these individuals do end up seeing the benefits of courses like Dealing with Aggression Training and do learn realistic and effective skills to aid them in the “What If” situation.

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