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Dealing with Aggressive Customers in Retail Sector

Dealing with Aggressive Customers in Retail Sector

Recently we have been requested to design specific programmes for the retail sector as they have identified a clear risk to staff, however at first glance of the title it may appear to be a simple problem?

The problem in retail we have recently encountered is not just customer on staff, but also an array of different problems from groups of customers to customers allowing their children to rake havoc around the store.

One of the conditions we have done with our clients is total confidentiality and to keep our findings between ourselves and them as to not place a degree of scare mongering in other customers who may frequent the store, so I am afraid the naming of the stores is not going to be highlighted in this blog, however we have been allowed to use some of the incidents and references we have witnessed.

Within any industry at the moment there is a degree of stress, and the strategies to design better cost effective methods is always high on the list in the retail, but unfortunately the reduction in providing good training has also been added to that list of reductions, and therefore resulting in some staff not knowing how to act accordingly or professionally when dealing with customers that are showing signs of frustration or aggressive actions towards them.

We have delivered programmes lately on how to effectively deal with various incidents, from having to approach customers in the changing rooms to having to deal with groups safely if showing actions that slightly lean towards anti-social behaviour. All these have a level of risk to the staff but also the question is that if handled incorrectly can result not only in escalation, but the potential to loose that customer and others if not read correctly.

The retail sector is constantly being attacked over various subjects, but from the clients we are currently working with do see the benefits of training their staff properly, and understand that dealing with aggressive customers is a subject that needs to be addressed.

If you would like information on how we design our training to meet your specific risks in dealing with aggressive customers in retail sector please contact us at Quell.


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