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Dealing with Difficult and Aggressive People Workshop: 20 September 2012

Dealing with Difficult and Aggressive People Workshop: 20 September 2012


Quell delivered another open workshop which focused on “Dealing with Difficult and Aggressive People” in the Ramada Encore, Belfast, on the 20 September 2012. It was specifically designed to help all attendees find practical and realistic solutions when faced with different levels of aggression.

We at Quell were pleased to see we had a group of new faces to add to our growing list of new clients, and also enthused that everyone was very keen to partake in all aspects of the training. New faces were from a range of organisations from the Henderson Group, Terumo BCT Ltd, Randalstown Medical Practice and even a guest from IOSH NI Branch attended the training.

As everyone who attends our training courses is aware, we always focus on maximising practical learning, and this means using the PowerPoint as a guide only and focusing on group activities, tasks and scenarios to find solutions to the risks all the attendees encounter within their job roles and working environments.

In these times it is very important for all organisations and individuals to be cost effective and spend wisely, and this means when selecting a course for staff it must not only be beneficial but also something which all attendees will use in the future. Everyone who attended the training commented, it was a subject which in the past would not have been high on their radar as important for their organisation, but after experiencing Quell’s approach, style and knowledge of this subject they could identify how it could have helped prevent, deter and defuse previous incidents.

If you would like more information on Dealing with Difficult and Aggressive People Workshop, please get in touch with us at Quell on the details below.


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