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Is Face to Face Training a Thing of the Past

The days of standing in front of a class and delivering training may be something that is put on hold for a while, and it is up to training companies to think of new and innovative ways to encourage participation, retention and more importantly to give high standards.

The initial impression by many was to move everything straight to online virtual classrooms and sit in front of a webcam and talk, however, this was a knee jerk reaction and has failed from the start for many, as comments of bored, not interesting subject matter or to long surfaced very quickly by many attendees.

When delivering any type of session you are not only presenting the subject, but you are also entertaining your attendees and giving them something to grasp or retain, and more importantly, enjoy what they are experiencing.

The effort is key when delivering a virtual training classroom and this is by starting with the setup and what will your attendees see. many sit and chat with objects and distractions, use PowerPoint and videos, then give a few questions to answer and then pat themselves on the back for a job well done, or think they are glad they got through that session.

At Quell, our Virtual Training Classrooms are a lot different than others as we think of the layout, presentation, participation and what is the objective, by including open questions to promote discussion and breakout rooms to get solutions, and above all, we also gauge the retention levels to ensure we get the right balance of interest and boredom.

We have looked at both Virtual Training Classrooms Sessions and eLearning and may have the answer you are looking for to help fill the gap of face to face training for now.


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