Quell Training

Is the Future Virtual Classroom Training?

The question around when will face to face training for adults be back in full action is often asked of us. Then it is quickly followed up to the question of what do we think of the subject of Virtual Classroom Training?

Our answer is quite simple, and we give it to everyone that asks us on how or what is the future of training under the shadow of this Covid 19.

Currently, no one has an answer or a solution to how we move forward in the training environment, and it is also clear there is a degree of frustration, in what to do now or prepare for the future. We have taken a very large step and decided to embrace the change by actively preparing, designing and implementing virtual classroom training for our current clients. inclusive we have taken the same time and consideration to ensure we make it both engaging and interesting.

Sitting back and expecting the same approach to training is quite foolish at the moment, and anyone that has been in training as long as we have in Quell will know that adapting to survive is the only or best approach.

Virtual Classroom Training is here to stay for the foreseeable future and it is up to the trainer, trainer company or department to adapt and learn new skills to get the subject knowledge across.

We continue to develop and evolve and if the Virtual Classroom Training is the future, we are ready and prepared for the new challenge.

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