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“Is inconsideration on the increase in the workplace?”

I was recently delivering a training session and one of my attendees asked the class this question, to which everyone replied “Yes”, but I wanted to explore the question more and see if we could identify examples.


The run of the mill ones did arise and comments of no-one cares about you always arose quickly into the discussion, but one subject that did grasp me was the comment of, “if someone is under pressure in the workplace, this would be then reflected onto others”.

The individual in question, who brought up the example, explained how one of their managers was having a really bad day and was constantly under pressure from outside stakeholders and seemed to turn small things into larger problems, they added how this was seen by not only them but by others as well. On one occasion a small mistake in a booking was made by the individual, and it resulted in failure of a meeting but the manager took great pleasure in watching the individual apologise repeatedly about the subject and never took into consideration accidents can and do happen. (Comment by the individual.)

This is no doubt a common incident, as I come across staff from junior to senior frustrated and stressed in the workplace, but this then takes a strong person to sit back and try and not reflect this frustration onto others, as the only result is everyone becoming inconsiderate (attitude) to each other and this is the first sign of the failure of person to person communication.

Internal conflict has risen over the years due to pressure in both personal and professional lives, but taking the time to realise mistakes can happen should be taken into consideration as well as not only do you as a person become more aggressive, but over time people will identify you as the problem and all those years of gaining respect will collapse in an instant.

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