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Lone Working Training: When Should I leave?

Lone Working Training: When Should I leave?

To some your response to this question may be so simple, it may just roll off the tongue; maybe this is because you have attended a workshop on Lone Working Training. For those who have attended our lone working training they should remember, out of the hundreds of thousands of Lone Workers here in Northern Ireland only a few of them are trained correctly.

Therefore when a question like this is asked, don’t take for granted everyone knows the answer instinctively.

Knowing when to leave a situation is a large part of the Lone Working Training, and everyone should know how to identify the signs of aggression and have clear direction from their line managers of what to do in the event of an escalating situation.

In the past I have written about the different forms of training I have witnessed in the vast fields of workplace violence, from short YouTube videos, through to sitting around a table and discussing emotions; in my personal opinion is a drastic waste of time and money. The only way anyone will know how to safely leave a situation is to firstly have a clear workplace violence policy highlighting the procedures and support staff will get in the event of an incident and then proven and realistic training to help staff put into practice skills which can help to ensure personal safety of all.

Training is not always going to mirror realistic situation, but it will come close and at least give the staff that little bit more of an edge to remain safe when faced with aggressive situations when Lone Working.

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