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Managing Aggressive People Training: “What if it is Internal Staff?”

Managing Aggressive People Training: “What if it is Internal Staff?”

This question was asked to us via our website question form and it highlights some of the pressures that are being witnessed within the workplace.

Managing Aggressive People Training has sometimes been branded as training which focuses on dealing with external customers or clients, when usually the problem can happen internally within the workplace. In the past most companies have utilised mediation training to see if a level playing field can be addressed or resolved, and from experience this can have a good impact on the problem. The training we address is preventative measures, looking at the problems prior to it getting out of hand and then enabling staff to realise when they are emotionally reacting to a given situation rather than taking a more assertive approach to a problem.

Last week I was in a meeting with some managers from the retail sector and a senior Manager said to me the problem he faced was staff has a tendency to give a short and sharp answer to a problem, rather than just talking about a specific problem. We looked at how we as managers listened to our staff and also how best to take into consideration the signs when someone is frustrated or aggressive, overall timing was the issue to consider, when and when not to approach a member of staff who was under pressure and also how to take the approach we take at Quell throughout our training of prevent, deter and defuse situations of aggressive actions.

The subject of how to deal with staff internally is another million pound question, and we always take the approach every organisation is vastly different and answering the email question as you do this, then you do that,would not be sensible.

We recommend anyone who has an issue of dealing with aggressive behaviour internally, should go back to the basics of what is the cause, can it be prevented and how do we deter the problem for staff to focus on other things and if it erupts how can we defuse it effectively.

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