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Managing Workplace Violence for Managers

Managing Workplace Violence for Managers

This course has become one of our fastest development courses for managers over the recent months, in both the United Kingdom and within the Island of Ireland. It has alerted those in roles of responsibilities to the risks faced by staff and the consequences of not being proactive in protecting staff.

The course has not been designed to be an umbrella of exercises to protect those in positions of authority, but more in assisting them in producing simple but effective models, and develop realistic solutions to issues relating to how to effectively put steps in place to reduce risks faced by all staff.

We within Quell are regularly asked by legal teams and large organisations after an incident to help find fault, or to put together a plan to develop not only policies but training programmes.

In our experience it is essential that managers through to supervisors that are responsible for staff that may either encounter the public face to face, or work alone have clear procedures to determine avoidance of risks in relation to workplace violence and more importantly actions to take when something does happen.

More and more staff are becoming victims of abuse, threats and assaults and it therefore the duty of everyone to prevent, deter and defuse possible risks.

If you would like to know how you can increase the chances of protecting staff and therefore reduce the risks, then contact us at Quell.

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