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Personal Safety Training in Northern Ireland is it being ignored?

Personal Safety Training in Northern Ireland is it being ignored?

Personal safety training is not just something that should be put down to as a box to tick exercise, as it should be taken seriously if you or members of your staff have a recognised risk of physical harm.

Training in the past in certain areas of personal safety have either concentrated on a physical skill or even just gone down the path of a PowerPoint Presentation, and it has been noted to us that this has either placed fear into staff because they didn’t have the confidence to physically defend themselves or was just plain boring.

To teach any form of personal safety, whether it is related to a specific job or even towards a personal fear it has to be identified and then simple but realistic skills designed to not only give the person confidence to react safely, but also how to prevent and deter similar situations from re-occurring in the future.

Skills relating to any form of personal safety should be taken seriously as it is noted by not only us, but by the media, that incidents relating to personal safety have increased from local reports of car jacking in Belfast, through to people being assaulted when out walking dogs or even jogging.

I personally would not know how anyone can let not only themselves but also members of staff work if there is an evident threat, or not even place measures to prevent, deter and defuse incidents occurring.

Personal safety is a common phrase used when it comes to a lot of Health & Safety Training, but it should be given the time and consideration before someone is hurt or injured through not reacting to the threat.

So if you believe that Personal Safety Training in Northern Ireland is being ignored? And you need further guidance on why Personal Safety is an essential part of your training plans, then please get in touch with a member of Quell who will be more than happy to explain more on the subject.


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