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Preventing Workplace Violence Training and why?

Preventing Workplace Violence Training and why?

A manager for a public service rang me recently to talk about preventing workplace violence training, and then went on to tell me that no-one takes him seriously especially his senior management. As part of this discussion I explained to him that a high percentage of people who don’t understand workplace violence training will not acknowledge the subject unless it affects them personally or it falls under their own remit of employment.

If anyone says that the subject of workplace violence, (lone working or dealing with difficult people) is declining I would ask them to look at other sectors or industries outside their own and they might be surprised.

The reason we need to have training such as “Preventing Workplace Violence” is to make people (starting with those responsible for staff, through to staff on the ground and then finally members of the public) that awareness is needed to stop abuse, threats and assaults on staff.   Unfortunately the media, local representatives and politicians is silent on the matter and I know from the circle of clients and partnerships we as a company have formed over the years, do agree with our opinion.

Above will, may and can be remarked as a strong statement, however if you take into consideration reports on front line workers such as police and hospital staff through to cleaners in care homes that are being assaulted it is a growing issue.

Anyone can attain training, but ensuring they get the right training is another issue altogether.

Preventing workplace violence training is essential to any organisation and we would highly recommend that if you want to ensure your staff are properly trained, then assess the risks and then deduce the required level of training required to meet the level of risk.

If you want more information on preventing workplace violence training and how we have helped companies in different sectors then contact us at Quell on the below details.

 Blog by Will Holland

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