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Train the Trainer Course: Why Not Just Do a Short Course?

Train the Trainer Course: Why Not Just Do a Short Course?

Let’s face facts if you can do a course at a cheaper cost and also over a shorter time span, it would tempt you.

However a word of warning should be attached to such courses, as you may go and pay for a course at a fraction of the cost of some others and also be advised about how it’s recognised and everyone is doing it, but the truth of the matter is when it comes to you being interviewed about the qualification and how best would you implement the different training styles and methods to promote the learners development, can you do it?

What made me write this blog?


Every now and then I will be asked to sit on an interview panel to see if potential trainers are suitable for different positions.  I am not there to grill or ridicule the interviewee, but see how they understand the planning, designing and delivery of the training.

Recently I have met some very good people who are also very keen, but when we get down to the requirements it is clear that they have attended a course that in their eyes has really just turned into a tick boxing exercise.

I cannot say which Awarding Body is best for which subject, but because the training world is a competitive one and employers want the best for their money, they will check the level of knowledge that a person has and if they don’t either show that they understand or have not got the credentials, well it’s a waste of everyone’s time.

I always say in this game to be a professional and a recognised trainer you need to not only put the time in, but pay that little extra to get ahead of the pack, because if not you will either give up or realise you will have to re-sit courses to get ahead.

Research, research, and then research some more to ensure that you get the right train the trainer course that meets your needs.

Blog by Will Holland


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