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Some people think that training is easy and can be done by anyone, but when you take into account that standing in front of an audience, however small or large the group may be, it is very high on the list of the most disliked things people have to do within their work or personal roles. Being a trainer is difficult and expectations are high in today’s theatre of training from both the students being trained and the organisations requesting the training and we in Quell agree that this should be the case. Being a professional trainer is not who wears the best suit or talks the most, but a professional trainer is someone who designs and plans effectively for the presentation and delivery of the material and at the same time makes the experience enjoyable and interesting. We offer this on all our courses as we do what we preach and whether it is an individual or an organisation that requires our services we always support and help them through the process to enable them to learn and be able to deliver with a higher level of confidence.

Train the Trainer in Northern Ireland: What is the best course for me to be a………. We get asked by people on a regular basis which train the trainer course would be best for them in a vast collection of sectors.

Quell recently delivered training to staff within Land & Property Services.  From the initial discussions with Quell until after the training was delivered, I was impressed with Quell’s attention to detail and their commitment to delivering what was required by LPS as the customer. The trainer Will Holland was excellent in his ability to adapt…[Read More]

Train the Trainer Course: Why Not Just Do a Short Course? Let’s face facts if you can do a course at a cheaper cost and also over a shorter time span, it would tempt you. However a word of warning should be attached to such courses, as you may go and pay for a course…[Read More]