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Train the Trainer in Northern Ireland: What is the best course for me to be a……….

Train the Trainer in Northern Ireland: What is the best course for me to be a……….

We get asked by people on a regular basis which train the trainer course would be best for them in a vast collection of sectors.

Recently within the Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors, people who deliver some form of training are very keen to have a recognised qualification, and also with the attitudes that trainers can sometimes face it is handy to have that important tick in the box stating you are trained and fully qualified to deliver a specific subject.

These days everyone who trains adult learners should follow best practice and have a qualification that sits on the Qualification and Credits Framework, and nothing else is worth the paper it is written on and that’s me being blunt!!

If you want to be an adult trainer we would always recommend a Level 3 Qualification like the new City & Guilds 6302 that guides you through the boundaries and requirements to deliver learning in the adult sector, inclusive that it is vastly recognised and is used through a wide variety of industries such as Health & Safety, Transport and the Security, to mention a few.

The other qualifications like the City & Guilds 2886 Delivery of Conflict Management is also another Train the Trainer Qualification which enables you to deliver this rapidly growing subject in various sectors like education, health and again security.

Finally, Physical Intervention Train the Trainer is another course a lot of trainers especially in the security sector would like to attain as security trainers cannot deliver Door Supervision Training without it; now it has started to go even more viral as more industries are looking at this skill. But remember with this qualification you have to retrain and be assessed on an annual basis.

Overall to be a fully qualified trainer can be a costly course to take, so we always advise anyone who wants to do a train the trainer in Northern Ireland to research and ensure the courses undertaken are accredited and you get what you need, as in our experience if you don’t tick the box you might not get the job, and you might have lost you money.

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