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Reasons to have a workplace violence policy (Management perspective)

We have already received comments and emails from our blog yesterday and as requested below is 9 reasons to why you may need a Workplace Violence Policy.

Remember it is easy to sit and cut and paste the information into a policy or task the Health & Safety company representative to write it, but in this subject both knowledge and experience are paramount.   If you were to throw together a list of things to just look like you are taking responsibility for individuals welfare and  if something was to go wrong and a colleague or member of staff follows that direction and is injured or killed, like Ashleigh Ewing, the responsibility will lie on everyone’s shoulders as previously discussed.

We ask you to look at the points below, sit back and see if they affect you and if so speak to us the experts in this field and our answers might surprise you.

Management Benefits:

  1. You can prove that you are being responsible. You are legally and morally responsible for the safety of staff and the service users that you are linked with.
  2. The policy can be used as an internal audit tool to compile statistics of incidents or trends.
  3. Reporting procedures will ensure that incidents are known about at all levels.
  4. Management will have more confidence in their staff with no need to micro manage them in this area.
  5. Management can be more confident in their staff’s behaviour, either when dealing with the public or when dealing with each other.
  6. Policies can be used as a management awareness tool (especially for new managers).
  7. Once in place, policies can free up managers to time manage better.
  8. Policies will enable you to build quality into the Company at all levels.
  9. Policies will enable you to build professionalism into the Company at all levels.

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For more information on why you may need a workplace violence policy, then call us at Quell.

Will Holland

Wednesday we will look at the benefits for the staff:


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