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Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour: Antisocial Behaviour

Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour: Antisocial Behaviour

At Quell we come across a lot of requests from different organisation in all sectors, and recently we were approached by community/voluntary organisations to help them design a specific package around Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour in relation to Antisocial Behaviour.

Now initially a lot of people thought it was going out and confronting teenagers who were causing a nuisance or worse actually carrying out actions that would cause concern to local residents. However the training was directed towards avoiding being sucked into a situation of aggression and then thinking of how to effectively defuse and escape when it got to a level of physical harm.

Training in dealing with Antisocial Behaviour is a difficult subject and can raise a high degree of emotions on all sides, so when delivering the training the overall aim is for all parties to separate safely and the innocent party can recognise signs of when to leave, therefore ensuring their own safety is priority.

To explain the outcomes of how best to teach this subject is a difficult to explain, but all I can say is that it can be done and if anyone needs guidance on how best to approach Dealing with Aggressive Behaviour consider speaking to us at Quell.

Blog by Will Holland


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