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Dealing with Aggressive People or Potentially Violent Risks?

Dealing with Aggressive People or Potentially Violent Risks?

Over the past few weeks we have looked at incidents of rage on air lines through to riots in the UK Mainland, but as the media reports on one incident after another, smaller acts of aggression and violence are sometime overlooked.

What we are going to do this week in our blogs is pick 4 different occupations and look at the risks they can face when dealing with the public and see if there are any ideas that can be raised to reduce the risk, or even identify the problems each industry faces.

When we talk about Aggressive people an image of an angry person often comes to mind that is shouting, ranting or invading your space, however aggression is transpired into different postures depending on the sex, age and community the person is from.

Example would be someone with an academic background could be more sarcastic and quicker with their tone, and that does not necessarily mean calmer either, whereas a high percentage of people can be quite loud or use degrees of swearing to express their frustrations.

Recognition of both interpretation and body language is an imperative skill to hold when dealing with the public, because if you do not recognise or acknowledge the signs you could end up in a sticky situation and therefore heighten the risk of a potentially violent situation.

Everyone from the Prime Minister to the sensible person on the street is acknowledging that frustrations and aggressive behaviours are high at the moment due to the current financial and social situation, but again it is a subject that a large number of private, public and voluntary sectors are ignoring?

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