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Lone Working: I feel stupid reporting in & out all day

This is a very serious subject and it should not be taken lightly as someone knowing your whereabouts is vital if something happens to you.

We at Quell have carried out a lot of training for various organisations here in Northern Ireland on the subject of Lone Working, from establishing policies to implementing training directed towards the risks that staff may face, but at times we will come across attendees who openly feel that booking in & out as the Big Brother effect, but when we sit and list the risks we could face in the 1% factor of chance it soon becomes clear as to why this needs to be done.

The list is always endless on the possibilities of what could happen from – assaults, held hostage, car accident, lost and ill.  When we all look through the lists and think of plans and even contingency plans of what to do in the event of a member of staff going missing,  it still boils down to the member of staff having the responsibility to act accordingly within the company policy.

I always ask a simple question of “if you don’t arrive home tonight, is there anyone there that can ring someone at work to find out where you are”? The reply is usually NO!  As the office is closed or someone may be off on Holiday or sick.  So ask yourself the same question and see what answer you come up with as it may surprise you!!!

We offer tips and ideas to reduce the risk of problems or incidents involving Lone Working, so for more advice or guidance call us at Quell.

Blog by Will Holland


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