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Lone Working Training: Have you ever assessed yourself

Lone Working Training: Have you ever assessed yourself


The above question is asking you if you have ever done or not done a quick assessment on yourself when lone working.

What do I mean in this context, well what I am asking you to do is at point during your day, ask yourself the following 7 simple questions with a simple Yes or No:

1.       Does anyone know where I am?

2.       Am I where I am supposed to be?

3.       When was the last time you spoke to a colleague?

4.       If I was hurt would I know what to do or where to go?

5.       The person or persons I am meeting going to be Aggressive or Threatening?

6.       Is my mobile charged, do I have money, or a Map/GPS?

7.       If I am assaulted do I know what to do?

The simple answer to the above is if you answered even “No” to “one” of the 7 questions then you may be at risk.

If you think about it you may realise that luck so far has truly been on your side. However luck is like everything in life and can run out.

If you are an employer or employee you have responsibilities to put measures in place to ensure not only yourself is safe but also everyone’s safety is met, and it is essential that these are directed at the right level otherwise if an unfortunate incident did occur you may be liable to prosecution if it was found you were negligent.

Lone Working Training has changed drastically over the years and has become more realistic and beneficial to the attendees at all levels, from the Management to Staff and it is aimed at ensuring effective safety measures are put in place, inclusive of staff are being trained correctly to ensure their safety is put first and how to deal with any form of abuse, threats and assaults in the workplace.

If you need more information on our Lone Working Training for Manager or Staff, and also the elements to ensure you are free from allegations of not providing a safe environment, then please contact us on our details below.

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