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Do you Manage Lone Workers?

Do you Manage Lone Workers ?

The responsibility managers, supervisors and team leaders has increased over the years or is it now expected more of everyone, that has the role of responsibility as part of there job?

Anyone that has to ensure the safety of staff that lone work is up their with the best of the rankings for stress levels, because they have to ensure not only booking in and out, but safety in respect of going into businesses or peoples homes. However you might be surprised that some people who hold the responsibility or have to manage lone workers brush it off as bottom of the list problems to solve, until an incident arises and then its back to the good old finger pointing to who was at fault.

All I can say on this matter is that if any member of staff who is threatened or assaulted, and it comes to the attention of any government organisation, I can assure you the old blame it up the chain is well and truly over, as everything will be checked from insurance through to who did the training (if their was training) and was the training conducted towards the specific risk plus was the trainer fully qualified?

If you manage lone workers and do not understand policies or what level of training is expected to meet the risk then you need to speak to us, as our workshops for people who manage lone workers is ideal for you, as we look at the responsibilities and legal aspect, pit falls and the what if’s to ensure everyone is legal and beyond prosecution or liable to if a unforeseen incident arouse.

Remember being aware of your responsibilities is the key and for more information on “do you manage lone workers” can be found at Quell or contact us on our details below.

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