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Managing Lone Workers Training Trebles in the Current Climate

Managing Lone Workers Training Trebles in the Current Climate

We at Quell Training have seen an increase in our training packages due to mangers realising that they are more accountable if their lone working staff are injured or assaulted in the workplace.

Over the past 8yrs we at Quell have seen massive changes within the whole training world in relation to the attitude towards workplace violence, especially the approach to how training is conducted and delivered.  Our training packages in relation to handling off staff that either work alone or deal with aggressive or potentially violent situations has increased due to varied press releases of instances relating to assaults on staff or prosecutions of managers who have not protected their staff from abuse, threats and assaults.

Our managing lone workers workshops have been successful because we help organisations small, medium and large to identify issues and problems that can happen to their workforce and then produce procedures and systems that will help prevent issues relating to workplace violence.

Overall we have been very active in this field for some considerable time compared to some of our competitors, and we put this down to not just being an outside agent or consultant, but down to building the relationship that is needed to help identify the issues and risks that their staff face on a daily basis.

In the beginning of 2014 we took a full month to assess our success and areas of improvements we have had with a number of our clients from various sectors, and we found it very evident that our level of training was helping prevent, deter and defuse potential threats that were being faced, and the introduction of our Managing Lone Workers Training has been our most successful to date within a short span of time or being released.

Workplace Violence has not only increased in incidents of repeat victims, but has also in the area of recognition of staff being assaulted and persons being brought in front of the court system.

On one of our most recent workshops a Manager commented on that if he had knew some of the techniques and ideas we teach within the workshop previously, he would have been able to deter some of the claimants and civil actions they had received as a company over the years, as the workshop they had paid for him to attend was less that 10% of the cost of a settlement they recently had to pay out.

Quell Training promotes the recognition of workplace violence and also supporting companies to put in place realistic procedures & policies to help prevent liable action through effective training, and we hope that in time the message of ensuring all staff are prepared and ready to prevent, deter and defuse aggressive actions whether through when lone working or dealing with people.

For more information on Managing Lone Workers Training Trebles in the Current Climate and ideas of how to ensure you or your staff are kept safe when dealing with workplace violence contact us.

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