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Managing Lone Workers Training

Managing Lone Workers Trainingis another essential tool that anyone who is responsible for others is needed but lets see Why?

Managing Lone Workers is a lot of responsibility to manage workers in general, ensuring their Health & Safety is regularly assessed and inspected, inclusive of adjusting certain systems when environments of situations develop, to then having to isolate the different risks individual staff might face.

Lone Working is a term that has been around for quite some time, and at times the interpretation can be foggy and not be clear to people not only responsible for staff, but staff themselves in general. Below is a few questions that will hopefully make you think about are you protecting your staff from harm, and are you free from any form of prosecution.

Have you ever considered the following questions?

  1. How would you explain if asked about your Policies that cover Lone Working?
  2. How would you assess each member of staff risks faced in relation to Lone Working?
  3. How would you brief your staff on what to do if faced with a visible threat when working?

Each question on reflection might be easy to answer for you, but now I would ask you to ask a member of staff how they would answer the questions from their perspective, and if the answer is clear and you are happy with their reply then that’s good as a few organisation’s within the Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors sometimes fall short of an answer, and this is not due to their lack of attention to detail or understanding but because they have never been asked.

Lone Working is a subject many organisations can push to the side because it has never arose or caused enough of a wave to need attention, but when an incident happens and questions are asked about assessment of the risk and guidance or training provided this can then lead to absenteeism of staff and levels of stress escalating for all involved.

We at Quell help people who are responsible in all sectors and all levels in facilitating the requirements to not prevent an incident from happening, but also how to effectively protect everyone involved by implementing proven measures in all areas relating to Personal Safety when Lone Working.

If you require or just need some guidance on Managing Lone Workers Training please contact us at Quell as we can help.

Blog by Hilary Quigley

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