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Preventing workplace violence: Team Meetings

Preventing workplace violence: Team Meetings

Workplace Violence is not seeing a dramatic increase according to the HSE, but statistics show that nearly 46% of staff who have previously been assaulted are not reporting a second incident and personally I believe that is not a good sign.

If we think about how to prevent incidents of workplace violence it will help you then feel more confident about your role.

Throughout our training we consistently encourage the use of team meetings to discuss how preventing workplace violence can take place.

When we speak about team meetings, we are not only on about formal sit downs with minutes of the meeting and speakers and who is in favour of what, we are talking about once a month sitting around as a team or organisation and discussing if incidents happened and how were they rectified.

Speaking openly about incidents is not a complaining session, it is what we refer to as a venting session if needed or it is a chance for everyone to point out problems or indentify risks.

If a manger, supervisor or senior member of staff organises a chat every month for all members to pin point not only problems, but also look at solutions on how to prevent, deter or defuse possible risks from workplace violence it will be beneficial to the team, organisation and reputation as a whole.

Preventing workplace violence helps morale and staff efficiency as everyone then feels part of a team and also that support from colleagues is available.  Remember the best asset of any organisation is the staff and if they are not safe and their well being is not being addressed then no amount of money will encourage them to put up with acts of abuse, threats or assaults.

Blog by Will Holland

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