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Risk Assessing of Staff in Workplace Violence

Risk Assessing of Staff in Workplace Violence

Should I carryout Risk Assessing of Staff in Workplace Violence or wait to see what may or may not happen?

I bet the above statement does not cross a high percentage of managers and owners minds, because if an incident of workplace violence has happened there is various answers to how it was dealt with, from the high end which is court action all the way through to being swept under the carpet.

Everyone knows that the subject of workplace violence exists and also that risk assessments do have to be done, because it’s the law and fines will be issued if caught, but it would surprise you that some companies don’t realise that if staff face abuse, threats or assaults should also be assessed and therefore effective measures be put into place to protect everyone involved.

Over the years we have worked in various industries and seen for ourselves companies not fully aware of what they should be doing to protect staff, and in some cases staff that have been involved in an incident taking legal action against the organisation in different ways from taking liable action against the organisation to cases against their line manager responsible for their safety, and we can acknowledge that this is a very personal and stressful position to be in if the manager didn’t know that they were not doing what they were supposed to be doing.

If you are a manager, director or owner which is responsible for staff and it has been indentified through discussions or actual events that staff have been at physical risk from someone or possibly certain circumstances and it is related to the subject of workplace violence and you have not done anything to prevent, deter or defuse the possibility of something happening and then if an incident does happen you may be liable.

We at Quell constantly work with organisation in various industries to understand how best to be prepared in the event of workplace violence and put measures in to prevent, but also to be prepared if something does happen.

If you would like more information on subjects relating to workplace violence like risk assessing of staff in workplace violence please contact us at Quell.

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