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Security Training: What’s the Best Course for Me?

Security Training: What’s the Best Course for Me?

We at Quell receive a lot of questions about our Security Training including what is the best course or path to select to ensure they get a chance of gaining employment.

In the past few years a lot of organisations that provided security training did just offer the Door Supervision Course, as this did give a higher chance of employment, however as times have moved on and the whole ethos and attitude towards security training has changed towards having the correct qualification for the job required.

Over the years most security trained staff would have gained employment on their Door Supervision qualification alone, however now a lot of the larger Security Companies expect not only the right qualification for the job, but also added qualifications like CCTV so therefore their Security Staff can be used in other responsibilities.

Not many people know that the security industry is now open to a lot more diverse selection of people.  It’s not only the retired policeman or ex armed forces personnel turning towards these jobs, but electrician’s, plasterers and even ex professionals are turning towards the industry for employment.

What we ask everyone that enquires about our security training is that they select the course that not only they want to do, but also what is best suited to them and don’t feel pressurised to just follow the crowd and do the course that someone else has advised.

Our tip is to ring or email some of the larger security companies and ask if they recruiting at the moment and then ring or email us for more guidance.   We at Quell are one of the very first companies here in Northern Ireland to deliver Security Training and we continue to help and advise individuals on the best course to take.

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Blog by Will Holland


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