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SIA Security Training Licence been revoked? Over the past week we have had quite a few people contact us at Quell and ask for advice on a letter they have received about having their licence revoked from the Security Industry Authority.

Physical Intervention Training in Northern Ireland (Upskilling Award) On Sunday I was delivering the new Door Supervisors Upskilling Award to 11 existing Door Supervisors and it was refreshing to see that once they realised that the new skills were effective and actually did what it said on the tin. (Physical Intervention)

Security Industry Authority announce more details about the Upskilling Door Supervisors Course. Public to benefit from better trained door supervisors 04 February 2013   The public will benefit from better trained door staff as new rules come into effect. From today [04 Feb], door supervisors renewing their Security Industry Authority licence will need to have…[Read More]

The Security Industry Authority have now put into place from today, the new criteria required for all Door Supervisors who do not have qualifications like Physical Intervention on their current licence and may require Upskilling Door Supervisors.

The Security Industry Authority have released more details about the inspections they are currently carrying out on Security  Training Organisations. Remember if you are not properly trained by a reputable training organisation, and if they are found to be investigated for Malpractice, then your licence can be suspended.

Security Training: What’s the Best Course for Me? We at Quell receive a lot of questions about our Security Training including what is the best course or path to select to ensure they get a chance of gaining employment.

Do you need your Door Upskilling Done? Since the announcement from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) recently, that if you completed your Door Supervisors Course before June 2010, well then you may need to attend a Door Upskilling Course.

Security Courses for Door Supervisors (Physical Intervention) Over the past month due to the rumours that the Door Supervisors will need to re-license with a physical intervention qualification in Feb 2013 has sparked an uptake in our 1-day upskilling package.

The Security Industry Authority have released a press release warning all new potential Door Supervisors of falling into the trap of being scammed.

Bill Butler the Boss of the Security Industry Authority has warned about ignoring the subject of Physical Intervention Training, and the importance of recognising its importance in the licensed trade.