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Breakaway Training: Do we need it? We have been asked over the years about breakaway training, and this has been asked by all sectors from Public, Private, Voluntary to name a few but we have always stuck by our guidelines of what is the risk faced.

Reasons to have a workplace violence policy (A Legal perspective) Whenever we hear the word legal or anything to do with inspection or audit, a cold shudder can sometimes follow, as it also can mean that someone could be liable for blame.

You will see below we have again given some relevant points towards the benefits of having a workplace violence policy for staff.

Prevention of Verbal Abuse Training (Part 3) If you have been following this blog over the past few days you will or should have seen the build-up and hopefully have been playing along in the game of guessing what comes next.

Cancer Choices an Independent Holistic Cancer Information and Support Centre based in Dungannon supporting people affected by cancer engaged the services of Quell Training in response to identified needs of Staff, Service Providers and Volunteers for Lone worker & Personal Safety training. The training was tailored to meet the organisations specific requirements. The training itself…[Read More]

Personal Safety Training (Driving – Being Followed) So why do we think it is important to train our staff in how to react safely when driving, and when I mean driving I am focusing on the subject of being followed. If anyone has been followed (and that includes myself) they can tell you it is…[Read More]

We recently rolled out Quells Dealing with Challenging Behaviour (inc. Personal Safety) training to all our front line staff. We found Quell to be very professional, their preparatory work was excellent and the training delivery and content that was provided was outstanding.  The feedback we received from staff was exceptionally positive and all staff left…[Read More]

Do you need your Door Upskilling Done? Since the announcement from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) recently, that if you completed your Door Supervisors Course before June 2010, well then you may need to attend a Door Upskilling Course.

Security Courses for Door Supervisors (Physical Intervention) Over the past month due to the rumours that the Door Supervisors will need to re-license with a physical intervention qualification in Feb 2013 has sparked an uptake in our 1-day upskilling package.

Quell recently delivered training to staff within Land & Property Services.  From the initial discussions with Quell until after the training was delivered, I was impressed with Quell’s attention to detail and their commitment to delivering what was required by LPS as the customer. The trainer Will Holland was excellent in his ability to adapt…[Read More]