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Does Telephone Conflict Training Work

Does Telephone Conflict Training Work


We all use the telephone more than ever for both personal and professional use, but within many organisations answering or dealing with business over the telephone can be a very stressful thing, and especially for people who have to deal with a high degree of abuse that sometimes does lead to threats.

Recently we have had an increase in requests from all sectors for specific training in Telephone Conflict Training, but also with a slight add on to the training.

The add on is skills in dealing with the possible threat of a customer/caller actually arriving at the organisation to confront the call handler/account manager

Over the years we have worked with a vast variety of professional organisations and also built up a good relationship, therefore been given the opportunity to observe and listen to changes within the industries,  and therefore also witness changes of the behaviours the staff encounter from customers, and firstly it is clearly evident that more and more people who claim or state that they are going to come down to their offices through a haze of frustrations or anger actually do appear on the door step, and then it is also evident that the organisations are not ready or prepared.

We at Quell pride ourselves in ensuring we identify the risk and also understand the different types each organisation faces, and then devise appropriate measures to ensure staff safety first and then that the organisation as a whole is protected as well, as court action for not having a workable procedure/system in place or duty of care for the staff has been known to damage many a business.

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