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What do I do if someone grabs me?

This question is a popular question from customer facing staff and with it comes the emotion of the consequences of what to do if the person fails to let go.

I am sure anyone reading this will have their own ideas of how to handle this situation, from lashing out, to wrestling them to the ground or to just stand and cry.   Overall this is a very serious incident and it should never be taken lightly by anyone.  You may be a person that can cope with this or even defend yourself with skills from a previous experience, but not everyone can handle this type of situation or even a ‘Rambo’ style move to release the person.

How we approach the whole possibility of this incident is start at the prevention, for example how could this possibly happen, have we laid down clear procedures to limit the possibility of a grab, e.g. risk assess the situation and then we can look at how if it does happen how to defuse it quickly without having to resort to physical strength, as 45yr old mother in an enforcement role will struggle to wrestle a 22yr old man high on alcohol!

We train a selection of realistic and proven techniques to ensure people get out of situations like this (to many to list), so if you think there is a possibility of this happening to you or your staff please call us at Quell or better still ring our clients and ask them how we helped them prevent, deter and defuse incidents relating to workplace violence.

if you ever ask yourself this Question: What do I do if someone grabs me – Then you need to call us!

If you or your organisation needs more about the training we provide, please do not hesitate to call or email us at Quell

Blog by Will Holland



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