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This is not ‘Control & Restraint’ or any form of Martial Arts, aggressive skills or even the use of a punching bag to incite your aggressive survival skills. Physical Intervention (PI) is simple, yet effective, non-pain compliant skills. These can be used by any individual, regardless of age, size and experience, on others to protect themselves safely without encouraging the aggressor to become more violent towards them or a colleague or the organisation. The techniques we have adopted have been medically & legally assessed and are therefore accredited, whereas a large number of physical techniques are not. These skills have also been specifically designed to suit many different roles within the workplace from security, transport, education, care and health sectors. It is a highly recognised skill that when combined with conflict management can be another effective tool to protect you, your colleagues, your clients and the industry you are working within.

Lone Worker Training (Booking In & Out) Booking in & out of work or when conducting off site visits has been labelled over the years as “BIG BROTHER” and with that has developed an attitude towards the task.

This question is a popular question from customer facing staff and with it comes the emotion of the consequences of what to do if the person fails to let go. I am sure anyone reading this will have their own ideas of how to handle this situation, from lashing out, to wrestling them to the…[Read More]

Flying away from aggressive behavior As the economy emerges from the financial crisis of 2008, people have more disposable income to work with. So as a result air travel is on the rise. With more and more people opting for a foreign holiday, naturally there will be an increased number of people making use of…[Read More]

  I want to train all my staff in Personal Safety Training incorporating how to fight off an armed attacker? This comment is a line that some of our new clients are using, as they have been told that it is the safest way to cover all the subjects of protecting your staff, with the…[Read More]

Physical Intervention Courses: When is it needed? We at Quell receive enquires every week for our tailored courses in respect of Personal Safety, Lone Working or Conflict Management and after a discussion with one of the Quell team they do ask if we feel they may need a physical skill as well to help staff…[Read More]

  How do I make my reception safer for my staff? Risk Assessment This question came through our website yesterday and for us to answer is difficult but not impossible, but it does also tell us that some members of staff are realising that they may need to make adjustments to ensure their staff are…[Read More]

Crisis Management or Physical Intervention? We often get asked about our training and again it does border on the fringes of confusion when there are so many different terms for so many different types of delivery.

Breakaway Training: Do we need it? We have been asked over the years about breakaway training, and this has been asked by all sectors from Public, Private, Voluntary to name a few but we have always stuck by our guidelines of what is the risk faced.

SIA Security Training Licence been revoked? Over the past week we have had quite a few people contact us at Quell and ask for advice on a letter they have received about having their licence revoked from the Security Industry Authority.

Physical Intervention Training in Northern Ireland (Upskilling Award) On Sunday I was delivering the new Door Supervisors Upskilling Award to 11 existing Door Supervisors and it was refreshing to see that once they realised that the new skills were effective and actually did what it said on the tin. (Physical Intervention)