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Workplace Violence: Does Signage Work?

Workplace Violence: Does Signage Work?

This request came through our website over the weekend and apart from the initial statement the person asking wanted to know was it worth investing in a sign to warn the public, that any form of abuse will not be tolerated by his staff.

My answer is that any signage that encourages or advises members of the public that certain action will not be tolerated “IF” any form of abuse or harm is directed towards staff is acceptable, however if a sign is required to defuse or deter problems, perhaps there may be a bigger picture to the problem.

I hear every week people asking me about the term “zero tolerance” and should it be implemented into a policy or highlighted during discussions on workplace violence with members of staff. I would strongly and always recommend that if you need to put any form of signage up, firstly identify what is the risk.  Is it from abuse or is it aggression, but if it is from physical contact then no sign in the world I can think of without “threatening retaliation” will really work.

We work with many organisations and even charities at times to find a solution to any form of workplace violence, unfortunately the term “workplace violence” does put people off talking about it as their interpretation to it is just on physical contact and not on abuse and threats.

Signage needs to be directed at the level of risk, but also it has to be implemented into the policy and also staff need direction and professional training on the whole subject of workplace violence if a risk has been identified.

“Putting up a sign will not cure the problem”

Blog by Will Holland

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