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Crisis Management or Physical Intervention?

Crisis Management or Physical Intervention?

We often get asked about our training and again it does border on the fringes of confusion when there are so many different terms for so many different types of delivery.

Recently we have expanded our own client portfolio to even more new and interesting clients, and even though we are being asked from further afield (Asia) to quote for our own unique training delivery, it is still a challenge to help convert the requirements needed by our new clients as they sometimes believe that one delivery session is what they actually need. However this is not us telling the client what they need, but as my old business mentor would say “If you don’t explain to the client their options, you are not providing a beneficial service”

Recently a client was asking us for a physical skill (Control & Restraint) for their staff that face a risk from assault/violence, and therefore was more concerned with the whole mine field of picking the right level of training to meet his issues the staff were facing. It was more interesting to me that he explained it took him longer to get his head around Crisis Management or is it Physical Intervention more than what he actually wanted.

When we sat down and he went through the risks he believed were his main concerns, example: from being locked into a building through to be physically grabbed by someone in a state of substance misuse.

Once we ascertained the risks it allowed us to then move forward onto a solution.

You see it does not matter to a degree what a course/session is called as long as you get the right message when delivering the training, and also ensuring the training meets the level of risk.

We at Quell pride ourselves of finding the right solution the level of risk, and urge you to call us if you need to find the right solution, because as we all know training is a costly part of any business development and getting it wrong can not only cost initially for the time wasted, but also in the long run if the training is not beneficial to everyone involved.

Contact us at Quell to see if we can help you understand what is needed for you.

Will Holland

Head of Training

Quell Training Ltd

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