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Dealing with Difficult and Aggressive People Courses in Dublin

Dealing with Difficult and Aggressive People Courses in Dublin               

Quell recently delivered, in partnership with Irish Council for Social Housing, further courses for their members in Dealing with Difficult and Aggressive People in Dublin.

Again these courses were received with enthusiasm and encouragement as everyone who attended the courses both fully participated in every activity, but also shared a vast amount of knowledge and experience of how to deal with difficult and aggressive people.

It must be noted a high percentage of the attendees have worked within the care industry for some considerable time and are not just doing the job, because it is a job, but actually have a genuine duty to care for others, even those who abuse, threaten and very rarely assault them.

The training focused continually on the safety of the staff, and also actions and solutions of how to effectively prevent, deter and defuse possible incidents that could escalate.

All the courses delivered had an element of fun interjected, as it was discussed this subject is not only sensitive but also very serious, and the chance to sit back and understand why people aggressively react and see how simple recognition techniques and methods of how to defuse with the main purpose of safety was received very well.

When we deliver our style of training towards the care industry we remember one thing, and that is the people we train may sometimes face people who may have mental or learning disabilities and they are at times alone or isolated, so the training we provide must be worthwhile and also be able to effectively work in a real life situation, as we believe the safety of everyone is paramount and therefore that is always at the top of our list.

If you would like to know more about Dealing with Difficult and Aggressive People Courses in Dublin or in other regions we cover, please do not hesitate to call or email us on the details below.

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