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Physical Intervention Training in Northern Ireland (Upskilling Award)

Physical Intervention Training in Northern Ireland (Upskilling Award)

On Sunday I was delivering the new Door Supervisors Upskilling Award to 11 existing Door Supervisors and it was refreshing to see that once they realised that the new skills were effective and actually did what it said on the tin. (Physical Intervention)

Throughout the day we looked at problems they faced as a team, inclusive of those problems that only Door Staff know about, in respect of the sly punches and grabs they faced on a night.

Some of the best comments I received was that they were pleased to see that the new skills were not going to be “You can’t do that or this” and that they don’t have to take a high degree of personal abuse before reacting safely.

I have heard recently from others in this very small grapevine we have in Northern Ireland that some Door Staff have attended this type of training in less than 3 hours, and apart from being rushed through the training they didn’t even touch even slightly on the importance of understanding the law and the use of force.

Anyone that has the remotest of inkling in this type of training should be aware of the different types of prosecution and above all understand that if they are to escort or hold someone where they legally stand to stop any form of allegation or worse a possible charge of assault.

Overall I do live in the real world and I know some Door Staff who need to re-license will go for the shorter or cheaper option, and at times this might be more to do with the pressure of cost or time, but if their training provider is found to have done malpractice they could lose their licence still even if they attended the training Months prior to the inspection.

Don’t take chances as remember you always pay for what you get.

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