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Prevention of Verbal Abuse Training (Part 2)

Prevention of Verbal Abuse Training (Part 2)

Yesterday we looked at the organisational abuse of when a person starts to use verbal abuse to vent their frustration at not receiving the service they wanted.

The phrase that always makes me smile is “ The Customer is Always Right” as I do believe a Customer made that phrase up and many customer service trainers I have met over my time in training have expressed the same feeling.

Today we are going to look at the role of member of staff and again it is important to remember the ladder of abuse if not challenged correctly does escalate slowly or quickly depending on the individual who is complaining.

Level 2 – Role

Now we going up a level as now the person changes from attacking the organisation to now focusing on the role of the member of staff, by accusing them of not doing their job and even changing some of the facts from a previous conversation or conversations had.

This is the point that the member of staff has to be very careful about apologising because if they apologise too much it is another anchor that the disgruntled person can latch onto.  So instead of a continual apology they should deflect towards words like “Help” into their statements. The tell-tale sign is when they are very unhappy is when they want to speak to someone Senior or a Manager, and the last sign could be when they say they refuse to talk to you anymore about this subject.

Above is only a slight outline, as body language and interpretation has to be taken into account. If you would like more on Prevention of Verbal Abuse Training please contact us on the details below.

FRIDAY we will look at the final Level.

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