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Prevention of Verbal Abuse Training (Part 1)

Prevention of Verbal Abuse Training (Part 1)

What is it?

We are going to look at what verbal abuse training is and how it can affect the way we work, and also how we block it at times to prevent hassle or escalation.

Abuse has many variations and descriptions of what it is and also how it affects us in the workplace, however it is just the start of the ladder to assault.

We all deal with abuse differently and this always comes down to the nature of the job and also the type of character we are, but the line of abuse is always the same if you take the time to sit back and reflect on what you hear and see.

In this blog I don’t want to go into the physiology of what the mind thinks and how it projects the signs before its blurts out abuse, but the levels you can receive when dealing with someone and then I would ask you to think if attending or organising a course on the prevention of verbal abuse training help you?

Three levels of workplace abuse start like this:


Let’s take an employee in any job dealing with a client or member of the public and then they start to abuse them, however remember this can happen on the spot over a period of minutes or over a longer term of days, weeks or even months/years.

Level 1 – Organisational


The person will focus on the company and vent problems of service, reliability and time lines. Ranting about the structure and then stating comments like they will go to the media (my favourite – Stephen Nolan), then if they don’t get a reaction it could move onto local councillors, MLA’s and then onto monitoring boards and at all times commenting on how frustrated they are……….

Tomorrow we will look at Level 2

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