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Security Courses for Door Supervisors (Physical Intervention)

Security Courses for Door Supervisors (Physical Intervention)

Over the past month due to the rumours that the Door Supervisors will need to re-license with a physical intervention qualification in Feb 2013 has sparked an uptake in our 1-day upskilling package.

The thing that we have taken on board is that those that even may fall short of the license change are still putting themselves through the qualification, as they know that a lot of the employers are now more aware of the qualification and the weight it carries when it comes to prosecution.

Apart from the vast amount of security courses for door supervisors and also the different variations and process’s that you can go through to attain a qualification, we have gone with the BIIAB Awarding body that does cut a lot of the red tape out, and therefore in our experience has cut out the exams for the Physical Intervention module with the help from Maybo and just solely concentrates on the skills and knowledge content to keep you from being prosecuted, and ensuring the safety of all involved.

We advise when you are selecting a company that deliverers security courses for door supervisors or in fact any course relating to the security industry, that you check the registration process and also do they inform the SIA of your pass, then how long is it before you get your certification, this is all very important because some trainers don’t inform the SIA straight away of your pass unlike we do.

Plus one of the most important questions of do you need to sit exams? As you may have prior qualifications that make you exempt in certain situations.

The question we have been asked by about 80% of our attendees when enquiring about our security courses for door supervisors is about exams, and what happens if they fail. Our answer is simple we prepare you for the exams and our pass rate has always been high because we understand the criteria and ensure we provide the right support for each attendee. We cannot guarantee you that 100% pass, like others claim but we will work with you to ensure you achieve your aim, plus being handed a certificate is not half as good as earning a certificate.

If you want to know more about our security courses for door supervisors, please don’t hesitate to call or email us on the details below.

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