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SIA Security Training Licence been revoked?

SIA Security Training Licence been revoked?

Over the past week we have had quite a few people contact us at Quell and ask for advice on a letter they have received about having their licence revoked from the Security Industry Authority.

If you remember over the past few years we have constantly advised about being very careful how you select your training provider, because let’s face facts there is a lot of genuine and hard working training companies out there in Northern Ireland, but also quite a few that will promise you the earth and at price you may not believe, and after you have done the course you may still be in shock and even tell your friends.

But the Security Industry Authority have clamped right down on all training companies, by introducing more visits and awarding body inspections then if anything is found to be not incorrect or even a slight mention/sign of Malpractice will unfortunately result in the training company having its licence to deliver accredited training stopped, and even worse a date will be selected prior to the inspection and all current or processed licences will be stopped and therefore a letter will be issued explaining the stages that have to be taken:

E.g. your licence has been revoked and you are advised to renew your licence in a given time, with a recognised and accredited training organisation.

Some comments I have received by existing Door Staff that have been told to redo the Physical Intervention module is “It was Intense over 3 days” or “No-one told me” or even “The trainer’s mobile phone is turned off” this is not really a funny matter, as some Door Staff may have to pay more money to get their licences renewed and overall costing more than originally thought.

All we can suggest is if you need help or advice on what is best for you, then contact us at Quell on the details below in reference to SIA Security Training.



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