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Breakaway Training: Do we need it?

Breakaway Training: Do we need it?

We have been asked over the years about breakaway training, and this has been asked by all sectors from Public, Private, Voluntary to name a few but we have always stuck by our guidelines of what is the risk faced.

An easy option for some companies and departments is to look beyond the current problem and pick an organisation or individual to come in and teach their staff to punch and kick pads and then do a few rolls on a matt followed by a simple twist of the wrist to finish off an attacker. However, any Martial Arts expert will tell you that it takes years of commitment and dedication to perfect moves like these to work effectively in a frightening or violent situation.

I don’t want and will not run down some personal safety trainers that do go out and teach such skills, but what I don’t understand is when a physical move goes wrong on a member of the public then why is everyone shocked because they are all in court for prosecution over assault!

THE ANSWER: If you are not properly trained or licensed to disengage (Breakaway), Hold or Escort and do not understand the Law in respect of Force, Sorry go straight to jail and do not pass go.

SUGGESTION: If you are contemplating training your staff on Breakaway Training, please speak to us first as we can then workout the different level(s) needed and help you define what you need and ensure that when the training is decided that in the event of a skill being used prosecution can be avoided.

Sometimes when we work with companies and departments the use of physical skills is not needed just the line in the sand and recognition is required.

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