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Do you need your Door Upskilling Done?

Do you need your Door Upskilling Done?

Since the announcement from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) recently, that if you completed your Door Supervisors Course before June 2010, well then you may need to attend a Door Upskilling Course.

Every day we receive calls from individuals, organisations and door teams asking for assistance in understanding the changes.

The SIA has the final say on if you need to do a Door Upskilling or not, however what we do if you need it is arrange for you to attend a 1 day course in Physical Intervention that allows you “If” needed to be able to relicense quickly.

A lot of the problems linked with the changes is ensuring the SIA are informed of your qualification, and we are pleased to say we are very quick in not only letting you know your results but also “We “inform the SIA of your Pass, therefore allowing you to ring them and relicense over the phone. Not only that we are also local to Northern Ireland as our offices are in Holywood, so you don’t need to ring a UK Mainland Office and we are instantly contactable and therefore planning to be around for a long time.

If you need help or just a little advice on the changes or even just about our Door Upskilling course, then call us at Quell on the details below.

Lastly if you didn’t know, we used to be called “Blue Training Solutions” a few years back. A lot of our clients from our past training are telling us they were aware of the new name change, and we as a team are glad to see them again and help them be licensed and legal. 

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