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Prevention of Verbal Abuse Training (Part 3)

Prevention of Verbal Abuse Training (Part 3)

If you have been following this blog over the past few days you will or should have seen the build-up and hopefully have been playing along in the game of guessing what comes next.

At this stage of looking at the prevention of verbal abuse training, you should have clearly seen the escalation faced by members of staff by either clients or members of the public and also then thought of has this happened to me.

Verbal abuse is not nice for anyone and has unpleasant side effects or low morale, health issues and finally lack of motivation to continue with the role or worse absence due to stress.

The three levels are common when relating to verbal abuse and remember this is a ladder, as when they reach level 3 they have nowhere to go but to move onto threats and later on I will write about threats and different levels that incur on members of staff.

Level 3 – Personal

So now we have gone from the organisation you represent and then through your role and possible how poor you are at your job.

Now we are at the top level of abuse where sometimes the member of staff snaps or reacts out of character to defend them as the abuser is now moving from abuse against the role towards them personally.

It can start with ageism, sexism or even the way the members of staff are dressed. It then evolves quickly into how they are qualified or educated towards anything that can get a reaction from the member of staff. Insults become quicker and sharper as the abuser is struggling to rationalise because they are falling quickly into an emotional state as it feels easier to do that than to rationalise the conversation they are having with the member of staff.

The final point is this and it is very important to remember as well, that when the abuser does become personal it is more emotional than rational and if you are alone, you should be considering a plausible excuse to leave the situation as it is more likely at this stage that you are not going to get effective communication.

We at Quell understand these levels and have successfully delivered training in these areas for more years than we like to acknowledge so if you think we can help in prevention of verbal abuse training, and then do not hesitate to call or email us on the details below.

All our training is not from videos or books but from real life experiences.


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