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Flying away from aggressive behavior As the economy emerges from the financial crisis of 2008, people have more disposable income to work with. So as a result air travel is on the rise. With more and more people opting for a foreign holiday, naturally there will be an increased number of people making use of…[Read More]

Crisis Management Training in Ireland Over the years we have been delivering crisis management in Ireland in its various forms that relate to workplace violence, and recently more and more companies are requesting the training to be directed to their concerns instead of the run of the mill generic training that some have received over…[Read More]

There has been a lot of media focus on the subject of Workplace Violence Policies recently but how many of us actually know what this type of policy is for? This is a question that John Morris, Senior Trainer at Quell is happy to shed some light on: ‘Clearly the most important issue is that…[Read More]

Do you Manage Lone Workers ? The responsibility managers, supervisors and team leaders has increased over the years or is it now expected more of everyone, that has the role of responsibility as part of there job? Anyone that has to ensure the safety of staff that lone work is up their with the best…[Read More]

Lone Worker Training (The Contingency Plan) We all like to think we have a contingency plan and especially an idea of how to deal with a problem or issue.

Dealing with Aggressive Customers in the Retail Sector The issue The poll of 800 shop workers by ‘The Recruitment Website’ found that almost all of them had regularly suffered abuse with almost two out of three workers claiming that they had been shouted and sworn at. In the workplace, one of the most difficult situations…[Read More]

If I need Lone Worker Training for my Staff what should I consider? The other night at a seminar I was asked “what things should I consider from a company which supplies Lone Worker Training for my staff?” Very good question as it opened a series of questions which could have ended us discussing all…[Read More]

Personal Safety Courses: Summertime is not the time to drop your guard The summer is fast approaching and I am sure like us you are hoping for hot sunny days that are stress free as the last thing anyone wants is hassle when the sun is shining! However from our experiences we have noticed that…[Read More]

  I want to train all my staff in Personal Safety Training incorporating how to fight off an armed attacker? This comment is a line that some of our new clients are using, as they have been told that it is the safest way to cover all the subjects of protecting your staff, with the…[Read More]

Managing Aggressive People Training: “What if it is Internal Staff?” This question was asked to us via our website question form and it highlights some of the pressures that are being witnessed within the workplace.