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Lone Worker Training

Lone Worker Training: Unacceptable Behaviour?   Our Lone Worker Training has yet again, gained momentum at all levels. From training people responsible on the actions required through to the staff on how they are affected by procedures and policies, but more importantly how they can feel more confident when faced with unacceptable behaviour. So what […]

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Is lone worker training a waste of money for my company or just something that needs to be done?

This is an easy answer for me as being a product and service provider that includes a significant section in delivering of lone worker training. My answer to this is to simply say ‘next question please’. When the dreaded word “recession” is used we all have different opinions and ideas of how it’s progressing or […]

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Dealing with Violence in the workplace

Dealing with Violence in the workplace Dealing with Violence in the workplace is a very powerful and sensitive subject for many employers and employees, as it can have massive consequences if not dealt with or prevented correctly. The subject of any type of Violence in a person’s life has the victims suffering from depression, lack […]

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